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Diamond Piers® are pre-engineered foundation systems for all types of secondary residential structures – decks, porches, walkways, sheds, stairs, gazebos – you name it.  If it’s in your backyard it can probably be built on Diamond Piers. Just minutes to install – without excavation- the Piers provide an instant heavy-duty foundation, that allows builders to start framing immediately. Inspectors can check for Pin length anytime after installation. Just set the Pier, drive the Pins, connect your bracket and start building. This saves time and scheduling headaches, and there’s no need to dig deep holes, pour concrete, or repair the landscape.

Based on two decades of use by Public Agencies across the US, the latest versions of the Diamond Pier – DP-50 and DP-75 – are designed for Normal Construction Conditions, and follow a simple load chart and a basic knowledge of local soils.  (See Capacities)

Their light weight and ease of installation make Diamond Pier the perfect choice for any residential project, and they are covered by a Warranty that lasts the life of your structure. They are sold direct, or through stocking or special order retail outlets in your area.  Click on the dealer button on this page, or go to Contact Us to reach your nearest Diamond Pier Representative.


Diamond Pier Pin Foundations